Inspiration Monday!

Good morning, Friends! We're inspired by the beach this first Monday of August. We're headed to the Jersey Shore on Friday! And by Jersey Shore we don't mean Snooki and the Situation :) What's inspiring you this Monday??

1. vintage beach 2. Leigh Viner (Denver artist) 3. we love Willie & Lu 4. towels via design sponge
5. vital industries (Denver artists/designers/crafters) 6. 7. lisa congdon 8. Leigh Viner (Denver artist) 9. Objects of Affection (Colorado crafter/artist)


  1. Your Shore Inspirations are right on the money! I don't know anywhere more calming and purifying than the Jersey Shore (see, it's the opposite of TV!!!), and I hope you get the very most of your visit. Thanks so much for including my earrings in your beautiful meditation! These are one among many items that were inspired by the Shore, and they include beads from Stone Harbor.

    The Horseshoe Craft & Flea Market is really shaping up to be something extraordinary, and I'm so excited that we may be a part of it!




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