Craft Talk

I stumbled upon this video by Leslie and the Ly's (she became an internet sensation with her gem sweaters) and find it quite hilarious and bizarre--a great combo. What's also funny is that Leslie is from my hometown of Ames, Iowa. And yet another funny thing--while watching this video, I realized that the yarn shop they're filming in is in Ames, and it's called the Rose Tree Fiber Shop. This where I learned to weave ten years ago! I was living at home after college, figuring out what to do with my life. I went in the Rose Tree one day, met Rosemary the owner, and told her I wanted to learn to weave. I spent about three nights a week at the Rose Tree with Rosemary and a bunch of older women, weaving and talking and learning. I would then head next door to meet my younger friends at Thumbs bar, drink a few beers, eat peanuts and contemplate eating the pickled eggs at the bar. I never tried a pickled egg. Anyway, it was a magical time. I can't tell you how satisfying it was to weave--to lose total track of all time, and then pull the finished product off the loom.

Here's the lovely video that will make you laugh:

My poor loom has been abandoned these days...I don't even want to say when I started the scarf below, but I'm going to take my inspiration from the video, "work through the pain," and finish this thing!
What is everyone working on these days? Any craft talk?


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  2. holy god, that is hilarious.

    work through the pain. heh.