the Horseshoe went shopping and got lucky!

We stumbled upon a pretty dang superb estate sale in the Sloans Lake neighborhood this morning. Groggy from traveling back from Stone Harbor, we could not resist our favorite Saturday morning pastime.

It was so fantastic--an amazing array of furniture, vintage clothing, jewelry, tools. All of it. We took home some goodies for great prices--two turquoise chairs, four cute butterfly plates, clown tv trays and the ultimate prize: a 1963 Schwinn Traveler in great shape! I'm about to take it out to a get a nice cold PBR :)

We had so much fun! Afterward, we split the best, and I mean BEST, cinnamon roll from Cake bakery, in the Berkeley neighborhood. Yes, the great neighborhood where the Horseshoe will be on October 2nd! We ate the cinnamon roll so fast that we have no pictures to share.

Hope you're all having a joyful, fun Saturday!


  1. Scott likes PBR, too! I'm so jealous! I want a bike soooooooooo bad! Glad you found some good stuff! Doesn't that just make for an awesome day?!

  2. my friend keeps telling me about the cinnamon rolls at cake and i haven't had one yet! now that you've confirmed her ranting/raving, i better get over there stat!