Congratulations on making it to Friday! As promised, we’re here with an ultra fabulous giveaway (above) graciously donated by Kayla Blincow, one of our vendors!

Kayla is a Colorado native currently living in Seattle, WA. She graduated from University of Puget Sound with her B.A. in Fine Arts. She specialized in large-scale sculpture and recently spent a year in Banff, Alberta at the Banff Art Centre. Currently, Kayla’s been venturing into making jewelry through her store thingsviapost. Additionally, super sweet On a Lark in Wash Park (Ohio & Emerson) sells her lovely necklaces!

HS: What do you enjoy about your artwork?

KB: I enjoy just the process of making a physical object. I have never been able to work purely with theoretical concepts without envisioning them in a physical form. I learn the most when I have I get to build or shape something new. It’s just how I make sense out of everything for myself.

HS: What projects are you currently working on aside from jewelry making?

KB: I am learning how to blacksmith right now and I love it. Forging steel has given me an entirely new perspective of the possibilities and properties of steel. All of which filters down into how I will treat various materials in the future.

HS: After college, you spent a year at the Banff Art Centre--what did you do up in Canada?

KB: I went hiking a lot. But seriously, I did go hiking a lot; I was in one of the most beautiful places ever. I was a work/study in the Visual Arts department where I primarily assisted incoming resident artists with their projects as well as studio and facility maintenance. The “study” part of the gig was dedicated to our own practice as developing artists. I spent my time building large outdoor sculptures with wood, branches, linen and steel, while also getting to learn all kinds of stuff such as bronze casting, papermaking, mold making etc. It was a pretty sweet life. (You can read about some of Kayla’s work in Banff in this article.)

HS: What else can we expect to find at your booth at the Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market?

KB: Hopefully I will have more metals mixed in with my jewelry and I am working on some postcards and greeting cards that use the geometrical shapes from the preliminary sketches of my sculptures.

Kayla has graciously donated one of her fantastic necklaces (above), this one entitled tailfeathers, for our first GIVEAWAY. You know, the giveaway we've been talking/blogging/tweeting about all week!

Here are four ways you can enter to win the giveaway:

1. Visit Kayla's etsy shop, thingsviapost, and then leave a comment below with your favorite item.

2. Tweet about this giveaway using the tag @horseshoemarket so that we can track your tweet then come back and leave a comment with a link to your tweet.

3. Fan us on Facebook--then come back here and leave a comment that you've fanned us!

4. Become a follower of the blog and leave a comment that you're a follower.

Alright, four chances and you can be the new owner of this lovely necklace! You'll have until Sunday, August 8th at midnight (mountain time) to enter. We'll use the random number generator to choose the winner on Monday. GOOD LUCK!


  1. I love the earth swoops necklace on Etsy. Kayla does an awesome job of mixing materials -- gorgeous stuff.

  2. I love Owl Eyes II. I'm a sucker for owls!

  3. I love the Earth Swoops one! Its so unique, yet basic enough that it would match many outfits!

  4. Kayla's shop has been one of my favorites for a long time! would love to win this! I love pearl tail feather too :)

  5. I love purple eyes, and yellow eyes, too.

  6. I love the fluidity of those necklaces, the double blue one is my fav! I was hoping to apply for the HSMarket too, but I don't want my crappy stuff next to this awesomeness!

  7. OH yes, and I suck, the necklace is called "first waves" I just randomly chose to call it double blue. Duh. PS- I"m a FB fan :-)

  8. Double Oh, I also tweeted you, because I want to maximize the possibility of this necklace of greatness coming home with me!

  9. i love the yellow eyes!! fabulous giveaway!!!

  10. eek, i'm too late. no matter, i love her owl eyes :). lovely necklaces!