What inspires the Horseshoe....

This mosaic of images is what we're feelin' today :) Some of the above images are from Colorado artists and designers!
1. Vintage cowboy boots that look so good we want to eat them. From Dave Wilson Photography
2. Pretty pretty bag from rain wheel 3. We love Neko! 4. Amazin' pillows from atomic livin vintage 5. Chairs from design sponge 6. Sweet wallet from Vital Industries 7. Great towels from cyanide stitches 8. Mexican dress from the sale rack 9. Vintage turquoise ring from vintage bliss.

What's inspiring you lately??


  1. I'm inspired by Horseshoe Craft and Flea! What an amazing venture.

  2. oh... i lurvv the bag!
    i'm inspired my figurines of angels and dragons from my friend's shop.

  3. wow yeah I love CyanideStitches stuff too!