Inspiration Monday

Hey all,
Hope everyone had a great weekend! We rested up and are ready for the week! Did you see us on the Great Food Truck Race--Denver edition last night? We were only on for a mere two thrilling minutes ;), but the Food Network came and spent the whole day with us for our Spring Market. It was pretty dang cool!

Now we're gearing up for our awesome Fall Market on October 1st! In the days to come, we're going to be posting all of our new Fall Featured Vendor pages and getting all set for the market--which is already just over a month away.

Today we're inspired by our Fall Market flyer, done by the amazing Lisa Rundall Creative.

We love the blues, yellows and grays--a great combo for fall--and boy, are we ready for fall weather. I love the summer, but have had enough of this heat.

Check out the lovely color combos below and the products from some of our great Fall Market vendors!
1. pink attic cat 2. flora fauna 3. tratgirl 4. old man's pants 5. horseshoe t-shirt 6. fern & sprout 7. dandy social club 8. ink lounge 9. picture of vendor booth at summer market by rachael grace photography

Inspiration Monday

Is it just my wishful thinking, or is there a hint of Fall in the air? Not during the day, of course...but it seems there is a slightly cooler breeze at night. Fall is definitely our favorite season...and the Fall Horseshoe Market is less than a month and a half away on Saturday, October 1st!

We are so excited to have so many wonderful Fall Featured Vendors to unveil to is a first sampling and inspired by pink, green and orange.
1. Deadwilder Art & Illustration 2. My Tangled Skeins 3. MargoBelle Designs 4. Objects of Affection 5. Tennyson Vintage 6. Studio Lila print 7. TratGirl journal 8. Kara Rosenberry Co notecards 9. Flora Fauna beets market bag


We wanted to spread the word about one of our featured vendor's craft market in Castle Rock--Craftstravaganza! Suzanne of Siouxsiequeue's has started her very own market--and their fall market will take place on September 17th. You still have time to become a vendor. Below, check out the details of this intimate market in downtown Castle Rock!


Let’s face it, as professional artists we’ve all been there. Poorly organized street
fairs and craft shows where there were twenty vendors showing the same work, or
counting the number of transactions before you made back your entry fees. It is
frustrating, especially since we put so much work into our crafts.

I had done one too many of these kinds of shows, and I was finished with it. I was not going to get up at 4:00 am to set-up for a show that started at noon; I was not going to drive across Colorado, and I was not going to set up my 10’x10’ in an 8’x8’ space again. It was these frustrations, and many more, that led me to an important decision. If Iwanted a better show I was going to have to make a better show. I loved the idea of a smaller scale show where customers could explore a variety of handmade arts and crafts, and where vendors could spend time with their customers while getting to know other members of the handmade community. 

I shared my ideas with my friend Crystal Ewoniuk, owner of Stash in Castle
Rock. She liked my ideas and immediately offered me the shop’s outdoor space for the show. With that Craftstravaganza was born.

Craftstravaganza is a juried craft fair set beneath the shade tree of a charming converted house in historic downtown Castle Rock. We offer 10-15 vendors the opportunity to meet their customers and other artists in an idyllic setting, low participation fees, easy set-up, and free covered parking close to the event. Craftstravaganza is wrapping up its second season with an event on September 17th, and we couldn’t be more excited! Join us at Stash as we celebrate the wonderful world of handmade. If you are interested in becoming a Craftstravaganza vendor please visit our website,

Suzanne Gutierrez, founder of Siouxsiequeue’s, has been making jewelry and participating in Metro Area fairs and markets since 2006. Her work has been featured in galleries and shops such as The Mac Spa and Stash, as well as online at Stash is located in downtown Castle Rock, CO in a quaint cottage surrounded by a white picket fence.  Visit this charming yarn, fabric, and crafting shop where everyone is welcome.  Knitters, crocheters, and weavers are going to find exciting fibers nestled in bins and on the shelves.  For the sewers and quilters out there, Stash has fun patterns, fabrics, and other crafts to suit your fancy.

Summer Market Recap!

Happy Monday, everyone!
We wanted to give you a recap of our wonderful Summer Horseshoe Market on August 6th. What a fabulous day! All the pics below are courtesy of the amazing Rachael Grace Photography. Thanks for coming out to snap some shots!

We were so lucky and grateful to have had so many awesome vendors, volunteers and customers on that hot, but perfect, summer day...

With over 100 art, craft and vintage vendors, two food trucks, a hot dog stand, ice cream treats, baked goods, and coffee/smoothies, you really can't go wrong at the Horseshoe. We've got something for everyone!
And we were so thrilled Kyle from Power and Light Press stopped by with her Moveable Type letterpress truck on her cross-country tour. We saw lots of folks walking around with their own hand-pulled letterpress print. So cool!

Oh, and we also had a misting tent where folks got to cool off while shopping. Maybe next summer we'll add a few more of those :) Thanks to all of you who came out to shop, eat, and support local artists, crafters and collectors. We love how all of you make the Horseshoe such an awesome community event!

It's already mid August...which means school is starting, the days will eventually get shorter and cooler (yay!) and then before we know it, the Fall Horseshoe will be here!!! We can hardly wait. Mark your calendars for October 1st!! Happy week to all..

Vendor Map and Vendor List!

Good morning Horseshoe friends! We are getting so close and we are so excited about this Saturday! It's going to be a great market day. Check out our map and vendor list below! Tons of great art, craft and antique vendors--not to mention food trucks, ice cream, a traveling letterpress truck, an interactive craft booth, bike and stroller parking (be green and walk/ride to market!), a misting tent...we've got it all! Click on map for larger version! See you soon.

Horseshoe Vendor List (Coordinates with map)
* = Featured Vendor
1.      *Trina Rose Boutique
2.      Amy’s Old School
3.      McDonough & Kent
4.      Charlotte’s Rustic Rose
5.      Pink Attic Cat
6.      Pink Attic Cat
7.      Oh So Retro
8.      *She’s Crafty
9.      Clean Getaway Soap
10.   *Dandy Social Club
11.   Resplendid
12.   *LSR Jewelry
13.   *Vital Industries
14.   *Jeanne Oliver Designs
15.   Studio Bead
16.   Marmalade Creations & Hip Violet
17.   Kara Rosenberry & Co and Fern & Flora
18.   Matter LLC
19.   *Skylark360
20.   Studio Yoshida & Phryne Metal
21.   {anne franklin designs}
22.   Heavy Nesting
23.   Mukee
24.   Becky’s Buttons
25.   Paisley Bird
26.   Cyanide Stitches
27.   Cyanide Stitches
28.   *Siousiequeue’s
29.   *Kiwi & Company, Bluedye and Tulips Balm
30.   *Kiwi & Company, Bluedye and Tulips Balm
31.   Hot Pink & Sequins
32.   *Ink Lounge
33.   Pearl Clothing & Jil Cappuccio
34.   Pearl Clothing & Jil Cappuccio
35.   Nana Pat Project
36.   Sister Hipster
37.   Tenn Street Art/Sharon Meriash Fine Photography
38.   Winter Garden Studios
39.   Pancake Print Co.
40.   Maria Sorensen
41.   Elevated Scraps
42.   *Thin Air Creations
43.   Charm that Girl & Island Expressions
44.   Whimsy Lou
45.   Tinkerbirds
46.   2 Tomatoes
47.   Swear Jar Designs
48.   January Jones Prints & Just Dandy Things
49.   The Purple Bus
50.   The Purple Bus
51.   Timeless Glass Art
52.   Nicole Lorentz Design & Em Claire Creations
53.   Nicole Lorentz Design & Em Claire Creations
54.   Giddyup!
55.   *Barberry & Lace
56.   BeeJ Designs
57.   *Gneural
58.   Hula Moon
59.   Delphinium Design & All Good Wishes
60.   Delphinium Design & All Good Wishes
61.   *MargoBelle Designs
62.   Spin Vintage & In-Retrospect
63.   Dizzie Izzie
64.   *The Gold Bug
65.   Aunt Violet’s Basement
66.   Aunt Violet’s Basement
67.   Craftorium of T Miss Pink
68.   Modern Memories
69.   Lola’s Mexican Crafts
70.   Lola’s Mexican Crafts
71.   Denver Handmade Alliance
72.   Sweet European Dreams
73.   The Lonely Seahorse
74.   Dutch Revolt
75.   Oopsy Girl Vintage & JunkyFunk Designs
76.   Chicabella Designs
77.   Three Leaves Toys
78.   Babes and Hussies
79.   Olsen Fine Art
80.   *Objects of Affection
81.   *Donna Diddit, LLC
82.   Cake Bakery
83.   MOD-es-Tea
84.   Oil & Port
85.   Zen Posture
86.   Berkeley District Merchants Association
87.   Cozy Bean Coffee
88.   Cozy Bean Coffee
89.   Jeanie Pleasant antiques/vintage
90.   Jeanie Pleasant antiques/vintage
91.   *MB Glass/Miss Olivias
92.   Lauren, Lara, Carrie Creations
93.   Cowboy’s Sweetheart Jewelry
94.   *Spinster Sisters Soap
95.   Larka Design
96.   Green Jeans
97.   Girl with the Curl Jewelry
98.   Regretable Typo
99.   Tiffany & Comb
100. Simply Divine
101. *Apple Blue Vintage
102.  Shimmer and Fizz
103. Basic Kneads Pizza                 
104. NZ Smokin’ Guns
105.  Make My Dog
106. Moveable Type Letterpress Truck
107. Cream City Treats

Inspiration Monday...

Can't believe it's August 1st! Our Summer Market is this Saturday already! And we are ready! It's going to be a fantastic market day. We've got over 100 art, craft and vintage/antique vendors who will knock your socks off! Check out some of our Summer Featured Vendors and some of the great stuff you'll find on Saturday. Happy Monday to all!

1. jeanne oliver designs 2. objects of affection 3. kiwi & co 4. green jeans 5. skylark360 6. apple blue vintage 7. spinster sisters soap 8. thin air creations 9. apple blue vintage