Inspiration Monday

Yesterday, as we were gathering images for Inspiration Monday, we were struck hard with the Sunday blues. We decided to turn our blues into inspiration. Enjoy these lovely blue-hued images. Most of these folks are Denver artists, and like usual, some of them will be vendors at the Horseshoe. Yahooo!
Tell us what's inspiring you this Monday.....

1. Jewish Cowboy 2. Atomic Livin' Home 3. featured Horseshoe vendor, Siouxsiequeue's 4. featured vendor The Craftorium of T Miss Pink 5. Focus Line Art Paintings by Tracy Melton 6. Horseshoe vendor Janssen Designs 7. Vital Vintage 8. featured vendor Thin Air Creations 9. Denver artist RL Walker 3


  1. what a lovely image board, sure to cure the Monday Blues. I made mention of the Horsehoe Market in my last few blog posts! Cannot wait. Can I just say... you are doing an amazing job of getting the word out!

  2. Thanks, Kara! We're so happy you're going to be a part of the "inaugural" Horseshoe :)

  3. I have seen Tracy Melton's focus line paintings on Etsy for awhile but I hand't checked where she was from! How exciting she is from Colorado and will be at the market!