Inspiration Monday: Gray Day

We've been way under the weather over here. And fighting it. However, sometimes you just have to sink into it and not fight it. And rest. Today I'm inspired by the calm of gray and muted blues. My favorites. Now for some tea and doing work all day from home in the bathrobe.

Happy Monday!

Lots of these artists/crafters are Colorado folks! Check out their shops!
1. vital vintage linens 2. xvelvetx 3. trat girl 4. ani & rose 5. the domestic icing shop 6. simplysarai 7. knit storm 8. lonley art 9. tilly whistle


  1. Lovely collection! Thanks so much for including our linen shop in this elegant grouping.

  2. love that calming color scheme & the lovely local featured favorites! hope you feel better very soon!!

  3. Wow! I am so amazed and honored to be part of this collection! How cool! Thanks

  4. love the tea cup cozzie ;) cute.