Blog Sponsor Spotlight: Donna Diddit

Happy Friday, folks. Today we're featuring one of our fabulous new blog sponsors (and Horseshoe vendors), Donna Diddit! Read below to find out more about Donna Diddit's super cool and unique products!

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I've found a means to work and wander, traveling into the wee cracks of "what if?" and coming back with truly unique and functional designs to offer our fellow word nerds and garden geeks (and a few other custom interests, as well). All of our handcrafted laser engraved offerings come from an exacting "good design" ethic that produces our Table to Farm Garden Markers™ and Push Pin Puzzles™. Materials range from upcycled and repurposed, to the new and durable.

Donna Diddit LLC is a woman-owned business specializing in artistic and well-designed laser engraved small gift items for home, garden and personal use based in Denver, Colorado. The core of everything we craft is good design that functions simply. Our laser engraved gifts blend beautiful artistry with straightforward functionality and artisan craftsmanship. We take pride in what we do and believe in doing things right.

You can share your geek for good design with us online or in person:
LIVE: Denver and Boulder craft show schedule is posted on our home page and Facebook

Check out this short video of the first set of Table to Farm Markers being made!


  1. Love the blog! Saw your post on the Denver etsy group and so glad I did! Just applied to the craft fairs in Summer and Fall!

  2. Great!! Thanks for your note and for applying :) Love your shop, too!