Fear of Making Art

photo via projectfocus
Judy Wise is a mixed media artist who also does a ton of art journaling. Art journaling is a really fun way to explore your creativity, to be focused on your process and NOT the outcome. It's a great way to play with creative ideas, intuition, and creating for the pleasure of creating. Sometimes that's the very stuff that keeps us away from art.

I know many of you who read this blog and are either artists yourself, or you may be one of those folks who secretly wants to do art, or do more art, but you've got the fear monster on your back who talks you out of doing art, trying art, or even thinking about art. Or, maybe you are an artist or crafter, but there's still fear lurking. I think it pops up every now and then even if you've fought it off before.

This video from Judy is really inspiring to me. Her simple words about art, fear and "just doing it" are oh so powerful. My favorite quote from the video (when she's talking about being committed to doing art everyday): "You'll step out...you'll do the thing you've been wanting to do all your life that you've put off and it'll feel so good. You'll be so glad you did it."


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  1. Beautiful post! LOVE Judy Wise & her oh so wise words!!!