Sponsor Spotlight: the Green Wish Foundation

We are thrilled that the Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market will be a "green" event, thanks to the Green Wish Foundation! Their mantra is really simple and fun: Find some trash. Pick it up. All day long, you'll have good luck! We love it. Pick up some trash and make a wish. Simple and powerful--we all can do it!

We also really love their mission: The Green Wish Foundation mission is to foster plans, actions and wishes towards a greener, cleaner and healthier Earth! We are committed to cleaning up our world, one piece of trash at a time! And each time we do...we get a wish--either for ourselves OR for the world!

Read below to check out this new non-profit focused on making the world cleaner and more hopeful, all at the same time.

HS: Can you start by telling us how and when The Green Wish Foundation got its start?

Green Wish: Ever since I was a little boy, I was always thrilled with the infinite possibilities that came when finding a penny. Somehow, being inspired to “wish” never really went away. Also, I like many other concerned citizens, have long included picking up trash as a part of leisure and exercise walks and runs. The confluence of these ideas gave birth to The Green Wish Foundation! With each of piece of trash that I picked up, I found myself inspired by the sense that I had in some small way improved my community—and my world. I hope that the Green Wish Foundation will inspire others, while also cleaning up the word, one piece of trash at a time.

HS: Can you tell us about your participation in this year’s Horseshoe?

Green Wish: We are very happy to leading “greening” efforts for this great community event! We will be offering single stream (non-sorted) recycling, composting near our food vendors and complimentary bike and stroller parking for visitors.

HS: What’s in store for The Green Wish Foundation in the coming months? In the coming year?

Green Wish: We just launched our social network campaign and are currently working on what we know will be a dynamic, engaging and interactive website this fall! We are currently developing a Facebook “app” and also hope to be launching a smart-phone “app” before 2011! We are in the process of getting our 501 (c)3 status and look forward to spreading the Green Wish concept across the country…and around the world (that’s all!) We will also be hosting a “Green Wish Run” at Sloan’s Lake Park on November 7th! 

HS: If someone wanted to get more involved with The Green Wish Foundation, how would they go about it?

Green Wish: Right now, we would encourage you to Fan us on Facebook and SHARE your own stories about Green Wishing! We also have plans available for how people can “ADOPT” a park or open space as a “Green Wish Site” and even how to host your own “Green Wish Run” for your favorite park! We can also be contacted at greenwishfoundation@gmail.com.

HS: Favorite Green Wishing spot in Denver?

Green Wish: My wife and I love living in the Highlands and our favorite place to walk is Sloan’s Lake. There is so much activity of all kinds: biking, running, sports, picnics and occasionally large fish jumping! In general the park is very clean and well taken care of. When there is trash, we feel pride in being able to pick it up help make and keep the park a wonderful, CLEAN place!

HS: Favorite place to eat?

Green Wish: Mead Street! Odd coincidence, both my wife and I went to Mead Street on the very first night we moved to Denver—she in 2004 and I in 2007! Their food and the vibe of their crowds never seem to disappoint!

HS: Best coffee?

Green Wish: Novo coffee near the DAM is always SO good.

Doug Yetman, 
Founder, The Green Wish Foundation.

Thanks, Doug!

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