Inspiration Monday: Sundance

We're back from a weekend away at Sundance in Utah. It was gorgeous. And we felt really lucky to be there for a special wedding and to soak up the beauty. We were inspired by the leaves changing colors (Fall is our favorite season by far...), the mountains, the rustic, cozy cabins and the totally organic feel about the whole place. We were hoping to hang out with Robert Redford but it just didn't happen this time. Maybe next time :)

Happy Monday to you all! We're less than three weeks away from the Horseshoe Craft and Flea! Check out the Sundance-inspired board below from some Horseshoe vendors and a few local Colorado artists.
1. Magpie's Shop 2. Horseshoe vendor Red Bench 3. Funkomavintage 4. Colorado photographer Art of Light Fine Art Photography by Kelly A. 5. Horseshoe vendor bluedoor 6. Colorado photographer Green Earth Images 7. belt from Featured Vendor Photographic Amy 8. Horseshoe vendor Gray Sparrow 9. Featured Vendor Art by Cheryl Patrick


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my wagon wheel picture. I just started listing my first items this weekend, so I appreciate the coverage!

    As an aside, I LOVE Sundance...been there twice and pretty much wanted to hide out and live on the grounds of the resort. Though living in the Colorado mountains isn't a bad 2nd choice either. ;)

    Thank you again!
    Green Earth Images

  2. thanks for featuring my boots...I'll be back to read up on lovely Colorado..and their crafty crafters!

  3. Fabulous items!! I am really looking forward to the market!!