Featured Crafty Vendor Collage!

Happy weekend, folks! One week from today, we'll all be at the Horseshoe Craft and Flea at 46th and Tennyson (behind Olinger, Moore, Howard Chapel).
Check out some of our crafty featured vendors below!!! You'll be able to buy some of these super cool things from the makers of the creations next week!

1. bring about {art} fabric bracelets. 2. owl card from presents for pirates 3. tulle hair piece from Fern and Sprout 4. Vital Industries bicycle glass 5. Jason LeDoux Art sweet clocks! 6. cool gun purse from Hot Butter 7. Craftorium of TMiss Pink bracelet 8. leather poppy necklace from Hot Pink and Sequins


  1. Thanks for featuring F and S in your collage! I can't wait for Saturday!!!!

  2. I would squander every last penny I have, just on the items in this picture! It's going to be AMAZING!!!