Inspiration Monday

Ah, Labor Day! A long weekend. Lovely weather, no work, and right now it's so very calm and quiet. And historically in the U.S., Labor Day is the last day you're supposed to be able to wear white. Though we don't necessarily go by that "rule," we thought we'd honor white today! Below are mostly local artists and collectors, and many Horseshoe vendors!
We're getting very close to Market day--less than a month away. Don't forget to spread the word to your friends, Facebook friends, colleagues and family. With 90 art, craft, and vintage/antique vendors, everyone is bound to take home some pretty amazing, lucky finds!
Enjoy your day off :)

1. Colorado artist Hot Pink and Sequins 2. Featured Vendor Photographic Amy 3. Horseshoe vendor Hip Violet 4. Featured Vendor Objects of Affection 5. Horseshoe vendor Vital Industries 6. Denver crafter Becky's Buttons 7. Horseshoe vendor Cyanide Stitches 8. Featured Vendor Harlow Monroe Vintage 9. Soapalaya Soaps


  1. One of each...or maybe two, please! Lovely sweater!

  2. So pretty! Getting so excited for the market!!!! AAAAAH!

  3. What a beautiful combination of whites! Thank you so much for including my recycled leather poppy earrings! I'm so excited and flattered to be featured in this market!

  4. Thank you for including us in your feature! Can't wait to check out these vendors at the market next month!