Inspiration Monday

Is it just my wishful thinking, or is there a hint of Fall in the air? Not during the day, of course...but it seems there is a slightly cooler breeze at night. Fall is definitely our favorite season...and the Fall Horseshoe Market is less than a month and a half away on Saturday, October 1st!

We are so excited to have so many wonderful Fall Featured Vendors to unveil to is a first sampling and inspired by pink, green and orange.
1. Deadwilder Art & Illustration 2. My Tangled Skeins 3. MargoBelle Designs 4. Objects of Affection 5. Tennyson Vintage 6. Studio Lila print 7. TratGirl journal 8. Kara Rosenberry Co notecards 9. Flora Fauna beets market bag


  1. Thanks for the great display of goods! So looking forward to the fall market!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the feature! Can't wait for October! :D