We wanted to spread the word about one of our featured vendor's craft market in Castle Rock--Craftstravaganza! Suzanne of Siouxsiequeue's has started her very own market--and their fall market will take place on September 17th. You still have time to become a vendor. Below, check out the details of this intimate market in downtown Castle Rock!


Let’s face it, as professional artists we’ve all been there. Poorly organized street
fairs and craft shows where there were twenty vendors showing the same work, or
counting the number of transactions before you made back your entry fees. It is
frustrating, especially since we put so much work into our crafts.

I had done one too many of these kinds of shows, and I was finished with it. I was not going to get up at 4:00 am to set-up for a show that started at noon; I was not going to drive across Colorado, and I was not going to set up my 10’x10’ in an 8’x8’ space again. It was these frustrations, and many more, that led me to an important decision. If Iwanted a better show I was going to have to make a better show. I loved the idea of a smaller scale show where customers could explore a variety of handmade arts and crafts, and where vendors could spend time with their customers while getting to know other members of the handmade community. 

I shared my ideas with my friend Crystal Ewoniuk, owner of Stash in Castle
Rock. She liked my ideas and immediately offered me the shop’s outdoor space for the show. With that Craftstravaganza was born.

Craftstravaganza is a juried craft fair set beneath the shade tree of a charming converted house in historic downtown Castle Rock. We offer 10-15 vendors the opportunity to meet their customers and other artists in an idyllic setting, low participation fees, easy set-up, and free covered parking close to the event. Craftstravaganza is wrapping up its second season with an event on September 17th, and we couldn’t be more excited! Join us at Stash as we celebrate the wonderful world of handmade. If you are interested in becoming a Craftstravaganza vendor please visit our website,

Suzanne Gutierrez, founder of Siouxsiequeue’s, has been making jewelry and participating in Metro Area fairs and markets since 2006. Her work has been featured in galleries and shops such as The Mac Spa and Stash, as well as online at Stash is located in downtown Castle Rock, CO in a quaint cottage surrounded by a white picket fence.  Visit this charming yarn, fabric, and crafting shop where everyone is welcome.  Knitters, crocheters, and weavers are going to find exciting fibers nestled in bins and on the shelves.  For the sewers and quilters out there, Stash has fun patterns, fabrics, and other crafts to suit your fancy.

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