Inspiration Monday

Hello folks! What a weekend...we spent part of it (before getting sick! Boo...) at the amazing Makerie Retreat in Boulder. Wow. Talk about inspiration....there were a bunch of creative workshops with everything from shoemaking, to pattern-making to painting. I painted for a lovely full day with the superstar teacher, Flora Bowley. Check out her work for some juicy inspiration.

Flora showing us some fun techniques

The Makerie was all about crafting, creating, community and doing what you love and taking time for yourself. It was held at Chautauqua (wow!). The food was delicious, too. And, they ended the weekend with the fabulous Firefly Handmade Market. I was so sad to miss that, but it seems like it was awesome from the rave reviews on Facebook.

Now it's time to really switch into busy Horseshoe gear! Here we come!!! Saturday, May 7th from 9 am-4 pm--over 100 local artists, crafters, vintage collectors, yummy food, fresh flowers, and a whole lot of fun! Get ready to take home some really good stuff!

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  1. Thoroughly excited about this weekend. It's Mother's Day weekend, so thank goodness this is on Saturday and not Sunday or all the moms would be out having brunch! But pre-brunch craft/flea market/food truck excursion? PERFECT!