It seems that in the past few weeks, we've noticed a lot of folks talking about the upcoming market season in Colorado. Vendors are getting busy figuring out booth set-up, buying tents, and creating and collecting their goods. In the next few weeks, we'll have some great vendor-focused posts about how to get ready for the Horseshoe and markets, in general.

Along with the frenetic buzz of "to do's" that come with preparations for the upcoming market season, I can't help but think there's more "stuff" going on. On one hand, there's excitement, busyness, anticipation, but I think there's also a bit of "Holy crap! What am I doing?! Who do I think I am? I'm going to sell MY stuff? Are people gonna like it/buy it/etc?" Maybe those of you who've done markets for a long time don't have a lot of that anymore. However, there are a lot of you newbies out there so maybe you're feeling that.

In a nutshell, it seems that in this prep-time, or any time when we're preparing for an unfolding our dreams--there's this really fun excitement topped with a big scoop of fear and vulnerability. On that note, I wanted to share a video of one of my favorite people, Brene Brown. She a vulnerability researcher and has one of the most-watched TED videos out there. Here's one of her great, funny, real TED talks about vulnerability and living to the fullest. Not only should we embrace our vulnerability (watch and you'll understand), but it can actually lead to a more connected, abundant life. Enjoy!

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