Inspiration Monday

Last week was a tough week for the world. The Japanese earthquakes and tsunamis were unbelievable and devastating. Watching the videos of communities collapsing in a matter of a few minutes was beyond the wildest Hollywood movie scene. It's so devastating how quickly life can change. And how much we really are at the mercy of nature. We have so many ways to build up our false sense of control! The truth is that we don't have a lot of control in life. The things we can control are how we help others and the amount of gratitude we can muster up for all that we do have.

Today, I'm so inspired by people helping people. People giving back. And for that, I am grateful!
And I love how handmade can be a vehicle to make the world better! Lots of Etsians are running specials in their shops--if you buy something, they will give a percentage of proceeds to organizations that support relief efforts. There was even an announcement by Etsy on how your shop could help with disaster relief for Japan.

Here's an example of one shop, Willie and Lu, doing their part. They'll give at least 20% of their proceeds to organizations involved in relief efforts in Japan! Thanks, Etsy and all of you hand-crafters for doing your part!
pretty sorbet shimmer earrings by Willie and Lu

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