Vintage Thanksgiving

Good morning! We are happy to have Horseshoe vintage vendor Photographic Amy as a guest blogger today. She has a bunch of fun ideas about incorporating vintage into your Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy!

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Hello all you wonderful Horseshoe Market fans! My name is Amy and I have a shop on Etsy, called Photographic Amy. I had planned on selling photographs when I chose this name, but, you know, things evolve! So I sell vintage and I had a booth at the first fabulous Horseshoe Market (the one with the record player, globes and type writer among other things, if you happened to stop by)! I love the hunt for treasures, the patina and warmth of things with a history!

I am going to share with you some ideas of how you can incorporate great vintage items into your Thanksgiving celebrations, whether you are traveling far or having Thanksgiving at your house. You can bring visual and emotional interest to the event with vintage items.


You can travel in time just by packing in vintage luggage or use open in the guest room with rolled towels, travel size toiletries and a special chocolate treat! Stacked, luggage makes great storage and fits perfectly under a sofa table or angled in a corner of a room for a side table with a lamp on top!

Awesome Brown Leather Vintage Vacationer Suitcase by: FunRetro

Wherever you are, a fabulous vintage dress, cloak, statement jewelry piece, Fedora or vintage plaid shirt will always draw attention and stand out from the crowd! Mad Men is influencing fashion, why not have your own bit of fashion history!

1. 1950s / 50s vintage BEFORE THANKSGIVING COMES dress by: Swanee Grace 3. Vintage 1960s Plaid Shirt - Browns Medium by: Mod Men

Having some fun vintage games for the adults and children alike! The make great conversation pieces as well as a ice breakers. Entertain the masses! Setting them out on a coffee table will create an inviting atmosphere and jog memories!

2. Lincoln Logs by Playskool 1974 - Frontiersman Set by: RutabegaSix

A retro cheese tray goes fabulous with faux wood grain cheese servers! Wrap warm rolls in a vintage tea towel placed in a wonderful wood box. It is so visually interesting to use a mix and match of flatware, serving ware and china on a buffet table!

Create a comfortable atmosphere for the post turkey tryptophan nap. Turn on the football game and relax on a roomy couch, automans for feet propping and plenty of blankets and pillows for stretching out. A solid color sofa makes a great backdrop for vintage blankets in bold geometric designs that are all the rage. Have plenty available for everyone to wrap up with!

3. Vintage Crochet Square Pillow in 70s Colors by:Fun Retro
4. Vintage Stacking Pillow Ottoman Footstool Rolling Stool Autumn Fall Colors by:That 70s Shoppe

Vintage items have a feeling of history and depth that bring interest and excitement to your wardrobe and decor! Feel free to mix and match vintage eras, just stick to a similar color or tone. Be adventurous! Most importantly may you have a lovely Thanksgiving gathering with loved ones!


  1. Thanks for letting me be a guest blogger! It was fun to put together!

  2. What great ideas!! Thank you so much for including my cheese tray!

  3. Thank you for including my mixed silver ware! Love the range of finds you have included - excellent work, Amy!

  4. Thanks Jen and Lynelle! Your great shops made it easy!

  5. I'll be there for Thanksgiving ... save a place on that couch for me. You have a great style, Amy, thanks!

    ... so what kind of batteries do those Lincoln Logs take?

  6. countdown to Turkey day! So much to give thanks for..
    wonderfully curated Amy, thanks for inviting me to the dinner! xo

  7. ThreeOldKeys - we are all about old school toys at our house. One of the most popular things are the Fisher Price Adventure people I had as a kid. We had a neighbor bring over Transformers yesterday that were quickly abandoned for the above mentioned, which they played with for an hour. IMAGINATION! It is a wonderful thing!

    Jill- very true, we have a lot to be thankful for!

  8. Great post! I loved looking at your vintage selections!

  9. Wow, you found some great items and I'm honored to be included!

  10. [this is jana, head cook at luncheonettevintage]
    everything here is so great it would really lively up a thanksgiving. but I think my favorite are the horn & hardart (and other places) silverware from falcon & finch. and by the way, that chestnut and yellow cape is indeed from the luncheonette, but has probably arrived at its new owner in Australia by now!
    -- wonderful post, Amy!

  11. wonderful post and great collection of vintage goodies! Love your shop too!

  12. you've found some really great items! i loved reading your post!

  13. great job amy...i love everything you put together! :)

  14. what a great collection of items and ideas!!