Biz Tuesday: Great Outdoor Vending Tip

It's Biz Tuesday! This post is for those who vend outdoors, or are considering it. Please have a look at the photo (please click on picture to enlarge), and answer this question:

Where's the soap?

That's right, it's easy to find the soap, because there's a banner on the front of my tent. Please note the expanse of white tents, there, with no banners on the front. At the Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market, I saw a lot of unique signs, and I wasn't the only one with a sign at the front of my tent; it just so happened I was the only one in this grouping. I wanted to post this to make this point to you:  when vending outside, use ALL of your tent to showcase your business. That particular show was my best single-day show to date (in 6 years!). Was it because of my signs? That might have been one factor. In any case, it's a factor over which I have control, so I take advantage of it.

Advice given. I'm out.

Amy Kalinchuk makes and sells soap at and also writes and publishes crafty books at  She does not know everything about everything, but is happy to tell you what she knows, in any case.

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