The Recap!

Hey all! We took a couple of weeks off after the Horseshoe from blogging (and I've been sick for almost a week now--hopefully at the end of it) and now we're back. We've had time to take stock of what a great day October 2nd was, and for what the future might hold for the Horseshoe Market!

In our first market, we welcomed over 100 art, craft and vintage vendors, a few fabulous food vendors and some local non-profit organizations. We also had an estimated 3000 customers and visitors! We're proud to say that the Horseshoe Market was a "green" market, courtesy of the Green Wish Foundation who recycled for us!

For those interested in web and media related statistics--from July 15th (website launch) through October 2nd, we had over 2500 unique visitors to our website and over 13,000 page views! The Westword featured us in three articles, the Huffington Post and the Denver Post published an article on the Horseshoe as well! We hope that the activity on our website continues to drive traffic to our Featured Vendors and vendors in general.

In our post-event survey of vendors, over 95 percent said they would like to participate in another Horseshoe Market, and many said it was one of their most successful markets, in terms of sales! Overall, we were thrilled with so much about the day. Customers, visitors and vendors had such good vibes throughout the whole day. We will also make a few needed changes (per your requests and feedback!)--we will definitely have more portable toilets and we will probably start at 9 or 10 am next time around.

All in all it was a fantastic day--thanks to all of you amazing vendors and visitors for coming out to the Berkeley neighborhood, and thanks to our sponsors for supporting this first event. We are in the process of planning our 2011 markets and will keep you posted as soon as we have finalized the details! Thanks again for a superb community day full art, vintage and craft!

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  1. ooooo wee. What an event this was! Fingers crossed for more of these. Amy Yetman did SUCH a rockin' job with this. VERY organized, well attended and so much good stuff. Thanks for making it happen. Studio Lila was THRILLED to be a part of it.